from the earth to the table

the product is the star

product, love, taste

to wake up your emotions


In Raffaelli’s restaurant, out of the hand of our Chef Sara Verratti you’ll be able to sample a variety of Italian dishes, original and creative that will transport you to a world of sensations.

Sara Verratti



our flavour

Will make you feel in Italy


Taste a plate and close your eyes. Its flavour will relocate you to the beautiful Tuscany. You’ll be able to feel the roads that seem to lead to nowhere, the vineyards and the olive trees gliding through the gentle hills. The Tuscan dolce vita on your palate. Italian cuisine in your heart.


Luis Antúnez 11

You will find us in the neighborhood of Gràcia, Luis Antúnez street, n° 11, BCN.


+34 652 560 729

Call us and we will solve quickly any queries that you have.


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